Black Belt Seminars

For some, achieving a Black Belt is a destination,
for AKTA students it is the beginning of true training.

Fewer than 2% of students that start Taekwondo attain the level of Black Belt. The achievement requires commitment, time, perserverance and hard work. Achieving a Black Belt is not dependent on age, body type, sex, or strenght. Each student is evaluated based on their abilities, technique, character, and commitment. Anyone CAN achieve this prestigious rank, few will.

Earning a Black Belt in the AKTA is the beginning of true training. Black Belts begin the study of advanced techniques, application of techniques, Hapkido training, weapons training, advanced sparring, advanced breaking, assisting with classes, and mentoring lower ranks. They also enter the ranks of the AKTA Blackbelt Association.

To further this training the AKTA Blackbelt Association holds Black Belt Seminars 6 times a year. These seminars, taught by Grandmaster Choon Lee at the main academy, are intensive Black Belt only classes that focus on advanced Taekwondo training. Classes are divided into Jr. Blackbelts and Adult Blackbelts.

2019 Black Belt Seminar Dates

    • January 20th
    • March 24th
    • May 19th
    • July 21st
    • September 22nd
    • November 17th

    Jr. Black Belt Seminar: 10:00 am - 11:00 am
    Adult Black Belt Seminar: 11:15 am - 12:30 pm
    Seminar Location: Choon Lee's Academy