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Welcome to Choon Lee’s Academy of Taekwondo, training Kansas City’s premiere martial artists since 1973.

Grandmaster Choon Lee - Choon Lee's Academy of Taekwondo


Chief Instructor of Choon Lee’s Academy
Founder of The American Korean Taekwondo Association

Choon Lee’s Academy is the home of 9th Degree Grandmaster Choon Lee, his wife Master Mary Jane Lee, and the Headquarters of the American Korean Taekwondo Association. Grandmaster Lee has been teaching traditional Taekwondo, Hapkido and self defense in Kansas City to adults and children since opening in Shawnee, Kansas in 1973.

Grandmaster Lee has opened several schools in the Kansas City area over the past 40 years and many of his Blackbelts have gone on to open their own schools across the country. Classes consist of technique drills and application, cardio work, forms, sparring, self defense training, weapons defense and breaking. Experienced instructors and assistant instructors work with students in both  group and individual environments to help them grow in technique proficiency, confidence, and physical conditioning.

The main academy facilities include 3 training rooms, observation room, free weights, a variety of exercise machines, lockers and showers.



Choon Lee’s Academy of Tae Kwon Do opened in Shawnee in 1973 after Grandmaster Choon Lee relocated to Shawnee from Iowa and founded the American Korean Taekwon-do Association (AKTA).

Through the years, the AKTA has expanded to dozens of schools and university clubs across the country and has been home to over 200,000 students, recreational and competitive fighters, national champions, MMA fighters, and a US Olympic Team member. The organization has produced numerous top ranked Master Instructors.

Highlights of Grandmaster Lee’s 40 year career in Kansas City include training the Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Line, the University of Kansas football and basketball teams, founding the University of Kansas and Central Missouri State University Taekwondo Clubs and training local Police departments.

Each year in October the AKTA hosts the AKTA National Championships which attracts competitors from around the country.



  • We believe in training to defend ourselves and loved ones
  • We believe in promoting respect and personal discipline
  • We believe in helping each student reach their full potential regardless of skills or abilities
  • We believe Taekwondo is not just an art, or sport, but it’s a way of life
  • We believe that attaining a Blackbelt in the AKTA is as much about character as it is about skills



I always tell you, ‘Train hard, make yourself better, treat everybody with respect, become a better person…this is what Tae Kwon Do is…it is a way of life.’

GRANDMASTER CHOON LEE - President of the American Korean Taekwondo Association









MASTERS (4th Dan & Above)