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Grandmaster Choon Lee

Choon Lee's Academy of Taekwondo

American Korean Taekwondo Association

Established 1973

By 9th Degree Grandmaster Choon Lee

American Korean Taekwondo Association

Founder and President

Home of the Annual AKTA National Championships

Taekwondo and Hapkido Classes

Study One or Both

Classes for Adults and Children

Teaching Self Defense and Respect for Self and Others

Training Both Mind and Body for Over 45 Years

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Choon Lee's Academy of Taekwondo


• Practical Self-Defense
• Heightened Awareness
• Quicker Reaction Time

Physical Conditioning

• Burn calories and Lose weight
• Increase Strength
• Improve Balance and Flexibility

Mental Development

• Improve Concentration and Focus
• Learn to Read Body Language
• Anticipate Others Actions

Character Development

• Respect Self and Others
• Develop Self Control
• Learn Discipline

Rank Advancement


Promotional testings are held six times a year at the main academy before a panel of Master and Grandmaster judges. Students are graded on forms, one-step and three-step defenses, sparring and breaking. Belts are awarded on merit and student abilities.
Advanced Training


Advanced Blackbelt seminars are held 6 times a year at the main school focusing on advanced defense techniques, Hapkido, Bong-Sul (long staff) and Juk-Do (ratan sword). Seminars are conducted by Grandmaster Lee and the AKTA Blackbelt Association.
Taekwondo for Sport


The AKTA hosts the annual AKTA National Championships and participates in several additional tournaments. White belts through blackbelts are encouraged to test their form and sparring skills against fellow competitors from around the country.

Kansas City's Oldest Taekwondo School And Highest Ranking Instructor!

40+ Years of training Kansas City's premiere martial artists under the guidance of Grandmaster Choon Lee

Latest News and Events


Taekwondo is not just self-defense or's a way of life.

  • Grandmaster Lee has been a second father to me. His influence has helped shaped my life and made me the person I am today.
    Master Instructor - Eric Amundson
  • Master Lee is amazing, and so is his wife, and all of the other Masters. They taught me so much and I still to this day live by everything they have taught me. I am honored to say that I was taught by Master Lee, and I would never send anybody anywhere else.
    Ashlee Sperry
  • Grand Master Choon Lee has developed so many people through the years and helped so many people grow to the next level. I am so proud of him and Mrs. Lee. There is not enough that can be said or done to show the appreciation of the thousands of students they have taught through the years. I feel honored to have been one of the students he helped to become a black belt. I love Mr. And Mrs. Lee like parents!
    Patrick Linton
  • My son, Jackson, tested yesterday after only being a student for two weeks. He absolutely loved it, performed flawlessly, and didn't want to leave. He's eager to see how he did and I'm incredibly happy he's found something he truly loves and WANTS to do! I mean, he woke me up at 7am yesterday to practice before the test smile emoticon Makes my heart happy knowing this means so much to him!
    Lindsey Smith
  • Every class is a test of my ability to preserver, to push myself harder, to improve myself. It's what I look forward to the most each week.
    Steve Casher
Courtesy • Integrity • Perseverance • Self-Control • Indomitable Spirit
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